Introducing the Salon Bella Vi Loyalty Points Program!
Did you know you earn points each time you make a purchase at Salon Bella Vi? You also earn points each time you reserve a future appointment at check-out and when you refer your friends! These points are automatically electronically tracked in our software and can be used towards purchases at Salon Bella Vi.
How much are my points worth?
$100 points = $1. Points are credited to your account in our software to be redeemed towards services and retail.
When can I start using my Loyalty Points?
You can start redeeming your points once you've accumulated 2,000 points. ($20 value)
Below is a list of how you can accumulate points:
Services - 1 point per dollar spent
Retail - 1 point per dollar spent
Refer a new guest - 500 points
Reserve your next appointment - 100 points